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"Islamischen Extremismus" fabrizieren

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Ghali Hassan
3. Dezember 2018

Der so genannte "islamische Extremismus" ist zum Synonym für die westliche Definition von "Terrorismus" geworden, um den anhaltenden Krieg des Westens gegen den Islam und die Muslime zu verbergen. Sie wird von antimuslimischen anglo-zionistischen Massenmedien und den anglo-zionistischen politischen Einrichtungen erfunden und sensationell gemacht. Ihre Absicht ist es, Muslime zu dämonisieren und muslimische Identität mit einer Tendenz zur Gewalt zu verbinden, um die Öffentlichkeit zu manipulieren und die brutale Unterdrückung von Muslimen zu rechtfertigen.
Eine aktuelle Studie der University of Alabama in den USA ergab, dass "Terroranschläge", die von Menschen begangen wurden, die nach ihrem Glauben als "muslimische Extremisten" beschrieben und identifiziert wurden, 357% mehr US-Presseberichte erhalten als solche, die von Nicht-Muslimen (Juden und Christen) begangen wurden. Die Studie fügt hinzu, dass Terroranschläge von Nicht-Muslimen durchschnittlich 15 Schlagzeilen erhielten, während solche von Menschen mit muslimischen Namen und islamischem Hintergrund 105 Schlagzeilen erhielten. Die Studienergebnisse basierten auf allen Angriffen auf den US-Boden zwischen 2006 und 2015. Zwischen 2008 und 2016 begingen Weißr und Rechte fast doppelt so viele Terroranschläge wie die, die als muslimische Extremisten" dargestellt wurden [siehe 1 und 2]. Tatsächlich haben Muslime weniger Terrorakte begangen als Nicht-Muslime, die mehr als 90% aller Terrorakte begangen haben. Darüber hinaus haben Juden in den USA mehr Terrorakte begangen als Muslime, so die FBI-Studie. Darüber hinaus zeigt eine Studie der Duke University und der University of North Carolina am Chapel Hill, dass "die terroristische Bedrohung durch "radikalisierte" Muslim-Amerikaner übertrieben wurde". Dennoch behauptet eine neue Studie des Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, kurz ISPU, dass Täter von Gewaltverbrechen härter verurteilt werden, wenn sie als muslimisch aufgefasst werden. Der Bericht behauptet auch, dass große amerikanische Medien überproportional viel Aufmerksamkeit auf Muslime richten, die der Verschwörung angeklagt werden. Die Trends in den USA sind nicht viel anders als in Australien.
Hier weiterlesen. Er befasst sich nun mit den Zuständen in Australien, die zum Teil noch schlimmer als in den USA sind.

The so-called “Islamic extremism” has become synonymous with the Western definition of “terrorism” to conceal the West’s ongoing war on Islam and Muslims. It is invented and sensationalised by anti-Muslim Anglo-Zionist mass media and the Anglo-Zionist political establishments. Its intention is to demonise Muslims and conflate Muslim identity with a propensity for violence in order to manipulate the public and justify brutal repression of Muslims.
A recent study by the University of Alabama in the U.S., found that “terrorist attacks” committed by people described and identified according to their faith as “Muslim extremists” receive 357% more U.S. press coverage than those committed by non-Muslims (Jews and Christians). The study adds that, terrorist attacks committed by non-Muslims received an average of 15 headlines, while those committed by people with Muslim names and Islamic backgrounds received 105 headlines. The study findings were based on all attacks on the U.S. soil between 2006 and 2015. White and right-wing committed nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as those depicted as Muslim extremists” between 2008 and 2016 [see 1 and 2]. In fact, Muslims have committed less acts of terrorism than non-Muslims who committed more than 90% of all acts of terrorism. In addition, Jews have committed more acts of terrorism in the U.S. than Muslims, according to FBI study. Furthermore, a study released by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shows that, “the terrorist threat posed by ‘radicalized’ Muslim-Americans has been exaggerated.” Despite all of this, a new study from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, or ISPU, asserts that perpetrators of violent crimes are sentenced more harshly when they are perceived to be Muslim. The report also asserts that major American media outlets focus a disproportionate amount of attention on Muslims accused of plotting violence. The trends in the U.S. are not much different in Australia.
Australia is ruled by what is called “Liberal-National Coalition”, a wealthy pro-Israel and anti-Muslim Neofascists clique. From the bigoted John Howard and Tony “Dumb-Dumb” Abbott to the current (selected) Prime Minister Scott Morrison or “Scomo” and the Liberal’s anti-Muslim attack dog Peter Dutton, they destroyed Australia and turned it into a cesspool of poisoning Islamophobia, breeding ground for Neofascists, ignorance, injustice and rampant political corruption. Indeed, poisoning Islamophobia, corrupt political class, ignorance, growing Neofascism, surveillance cameras, and concentration camps for Muslim refugees have become an integral part of the Australian culture and political landscape. The Liberal-National clique have always used anti-Muslim racist rhetoric of “us versus them” to win elections and enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of ordinary Australians.
The Muslim community is a relatively small minority in Australia, making up roughly 2.6% of the total Australian population, where around 93% of the Muslim population is clustered in urban areas, where racism and the poison Islamophobia are both, deeply rooted and institutionalised, and where Islam and Muslims are systematically discriminated against and demonised in the Zionist mass media [3]. Like in many countries with Muslim minorities, the Australian government anti-Muslim “policies are designed to control the Muslim community, to ‘domesticate’ Islam, have put pressure on Muslims not simply to integrate into a ‘multicultural’ society but to assimilate by abandoning elements of their Muslim belief and culture in order to enjoy full participation in their newly [adopted] country”, according to a study by the University of Exeter in Britain [4]. In other words, to be accepted in Australia, Muslims must convert to a new form of “Islam” created for them by Australian authorities.
The Muslim community was on notice again, when on the 09th November 2018, a lone psychopath Somali-born man (Shire Ali) went on a random violent knife attacks in Melbourne’s busiest streets (Bourke Street), killing one innocent man (the Pellegrini’s Café owner, Mr. Sisto Malaspina) and injuring two others before being killed by Australian Police.  After the Police revealed the perpetrator’s name and background, his random act of violence was classified as an act of “terrorism”.  It is his name and background that made him a “Muslims terrorist”, in a deeply-racist, Islamophobic and ignorant Anglo-Saxon society.  His motives were unknown and had nothing to do with Islam. It is fair to say that, he was a drug user and had nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. He was neither religiously or politically motivated to commit crimes. Shire Ali was well-known to Police and intelligence authorities (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation, ASIO) and was cleared of posing any “threat to national security”. Though his passport was cancelled in 2015 by ASIO, who feared the Somali-born suspect would go to Syria to fight with the “Islamic State” (IS, formerly Daesh, ISIS/ISIL) or al-Qaeda terrorists, but no evidence provided. The Police also alleged that he was a loner and has no link to terrorist groups. “I think it is fair to say he [Shire Ali] was inspired. He was radicalized. We’re not saying there was direct contact [with terrorists]. We’re saying it was more from an inspiration perspective” and there was no direct contact with terrorist groups, Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney told reporters in Melbourne.
It was the oafish (unelected) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who made the most outrageous and racially-motivated allegations against the Australian Muslim community. He took the lead in spreading fear, and anti-Muslim hatred by accusing the Muslim community of “terrorism”. In a desperate attempt to salvage his corrupt minority government, Mr. Morrison used the tragedy and its victim to extract political mileage and justify the Liberal-National failures in economy and social policies. Indeed, scapegoating of Muslims and using racist fearmongering that targets Muslims especially during election campaigns have become an attractive rhetoric in Australian racist politics. Indeed, threat of terrorism has dominated headlines and spurred debate in the lead-up to every state and federal election. Instead of scapegoating Muslims, Mr. Morrison should use his “leadership” to promote diversity and social cohesion, not division. Despite the draconian and repressive laws targeting Muslim Australians, the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens not involved crimes. If a small minority of Muslim Australians were involved in violence, “it it is the hostility and dehumanisation white Australia has meted out to generations of [Muslim] immigrants that pushes some of them to ‘seek worth elsewhere. Whether it is expressed in street violence or in foreign fighters, these people are inherently just seeking what society was unwilling to provide them: their humanity, their worth being recognised’”, writes Australia columnist Ruby Hamad.
Furthermore, Mr. Morrison called on Australian Muslims to take “special responsibility” – i.e., collective culpability – to fight “Islamic extremism”, arguing that the perpetrator is a Muslim, and he is a “radicalised terrorist”. When a Muslim alleged to have committed a criminal act, the whole Muslim community is collectively blamed. Of course, Muslims reject act of violence and the killing of innocent people is forbidden in Islam. “They [the Muslims] can’t look the other way”, said an aggressive Mr. Morrison. Muslims of course, are feed up with these generalise condemnations, collective responsibility and guilt “Asking Muslims to assume pastoral responsibility over a mythical homogenous ‘community’ not only relies on a racist framing of every Muslim as a potential terrorist, but it locates the ‘problem’ in Islam and ‘culture’, not politics. The script we are given for talking about the war on terror is censored and redacted,” writes Australian author Randa Abdel-Fattah. Consequently, the violent act of one psychopath (alleged or otherwise) does not criminalise or blamed on the entire diverse community of Muslims. Are all Catholic people guilty of paedophilia, or just some priests?
Now, let’s compare the attack of 09 November 2018 by the Somali-Australian with that of the Greek-Australian James George Gargasoulas (also known as “Dimitrious”), which took place in the same Bourke Street in Melbourne on 20 January 2017. Gargasoulas killed 6 innocent people, including 2 children and injured 27 others in a trail of death, terror and destruction. Yet the knife attacks by the Somali-born have been clearly labelled as “terrorism”, whereas the attack by the Greek-Australian is considered a massacre, “rampage”, and “tragedy”. Gargasoulas has been charged with six counts of murder, but not any terror-related offences. Indeed, once Gargasoulas was identified as Greek-Australian, he was described “mentally unstable” – a legitimate ground denied to Muslims –, and the Police cleared him of terrorism immediately. “This individual is not related to any terrorism activity,” Victoria’s Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said.  Gargasoulas is the “Bourke Street driver”, not the terrorist. He is called a “monster”, a codeword for something large and good, but never a terrorist. In his recent trial, Gargasoulas has told a Melbourne Supreme Court jury that, he had a premonition “given by God” of running people over. He was never called a terrorist, but an Australian with “mental health issues” that are denied to the Somali-born Australian. In fact, the media sympathise with Gargasoulas and portrayed him as a good guy believing in “the second coming of Christ”, as he told the jury. Muslims are supposed to be discreet when it comes to their Islamic faith and discussing Islam in an Australian court has dire consequences.
It is instructive to define what is called terrorism. Like most other countries, Australia does have its definition of terrorism in domestic law. In Australia, a “terrorist act” is defined as an action or threat that:
  1. a) is intended to advance a political, religious or ideological cause; and
  2. b) is intended to coerce or influence a government by intimidation, or intimidate a section of the public; and
  3. c) causes one in a list of specified harms, including death, serious injury, or serious property damage.
The first requirement – the intention to advance a political, religious or ideological cause –, the “motive” requirement, is specifically designed for Muslims. This is key to distinguish religiously-motivated attacks (apply only to Muslims) from other attacks perpetrated by non-Muslims, like that committed by Gargasoulas in Bourke Street. According to Western political establishment and the Zionist mass media, any act of violence committed by someone with Islamic background is religiously-motivated (committed in “the name of Islam”). That is why Western mass media and politicians blamed IS/ISIS for almost every “act of terrorism” allegedly committed by people with Islamic background with the attention to associate violence with Islam. Even the fabricated description of terrorists as “Jihadis” – doesn’t exist in Arabic – by the Anglo-Zionist media, politicians and pundits is misleading and aimed at associating Islam and Muslims with violence. jihād, [جهاد] has no violent connotations and it literally means to strive for better goal in life. One must be completely illiterate to call Western-backed terrorists “Jihadis”. They are not. The so-called “IS/ISIS claimed responsibility” has become a household cliché. The Australian Police and ASIO rely on the above definition in their targeting of Muslims. Australian men from Muslim background are constantly spied-on, arrested in pre-dawn raids, imprisoned (on trumped-up charges), on bails, have had their passports cancelled, and on watchlist because Australian Police and ASIO allege they were “plotting an Islamic State-inspired terror attack”. In addition to systemic racism and discrimination, the Australian Muslim community is under siege and lives in fear. In a recent rant in Federal parliament, an uneducated Senator for Queensland (the fascist One Nation Party), Fraser Anning, has called in parliament for a “final solution” to Muslim migrants and the return of Australia to the old fascist White Australia Policy. Fortunately, there are no “gas chambers” in Australia, but “the plight of Muslims is beginning to mirror that of targeted ethnic minority groups on the eve of the war in the former Yugoslavia, or Jews in the dying days of the Weimar Republic”, writes American columnist Chris Hedges.
The recent arrest of Mr. Kamer Nizamdeen, a PhD student at UNSW in Sydney is a case in point. Mr. Nizamdeen was arrested by Australian Federal Police and NSW Police and accused (and charged) of “plotting Islamic State-inspired acts of terrorism”. It was only after friends and family members raised the alarm, the charges against him were dropped, and Mr. Nizamdeen returned to his home in Sri Lanka. He was framed by a paid Police informant. From the safety of his home in Sri Lanka, he said: “The AFP, NSW Police and the [Australian] authorities are responsible for abominable conduct and irreparable damage, which cannot be quantified in any manner whatsoever. It took six days for my lawyers to contact me. I had no access to lawyers or my family [in] this time, in solitary confinement in Supermax prison. I had no contact with the outside world for six days which is a violation of basic and fundamental human rights.” Mr. Nizamdeen treatment is what every Muslim in Australia is expecting.
As always, we are told, IS/ISIS terrorists had “claimed responsibility” for the latest attack in Melbourne, contradicting Deputy Commissioner McCartney earlier assertions. If that was the case, then the perpetrator had nothing to do with Islam and Muslims, because IS/ISIS terrorists and their affiliates (like al-Nusra Front) are Western-sponsored international terrorists.
The IS/ISIS terrorists are a double-edged sword that serves two purposes. Firstly, IS/ISIS is created as a useful tool― (1) to justify U.S.-led war of terror in the Middle East; and (2) as a proxy army and an instrument to create chaos and fuel sectarian wars between the region’s ethno-religious groups. The mantra of “fighting terrorism” (in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc.) is in reality fighting alongside the terrorists against independent nations who refused to submit to Anglo-Zionist diktats. For example, in Iraq, IS/ISIS grew under the watchful and complaisant eyes of the U.S. occupation of the country. From the outset, the U.S. armed and financed IS/ISIS/al-Qaeda to this day nonstop, as Brandon Tuberville shows.  Then when needed, the terrorists were allowed by the U.S. army to march – in Toyota Hilux trucks, paid for by the U.S. – into Iraq from Syria and occupied a large part of the country, including the City of Mosul in 2014. The U.S. regime played its car well in Iraq by― (1) using the terrorists to terrorise the Iraqi civilians, and intimidate the weak Iraqi government; and (2) having the terrorists as a pretext to justify the wanton destruction of Mosul and the permanent U.S. colonial occupation of Iraq for which the U.S. House of Representatives has just approved a bill titled the: “Preventing Destabilization of Iraq Act” (HR 4591). So, U.S. reign of terror against the Iraqi people continues over three decades since it begun. As President Trump clearly stated, the primary goal is to support and advance Israel’s fascist expansion and dispossession of the Palestinian people. It is estimated that more than 40,000 Iraqi civilians were killed by the indiscriminate bombing of the “U.S.-led Coalition”. The overwhelming majority of the victims were women and children. IS terrorists (approximately 9,000) were given safe passage (by the U.S.-led Coalition) to Eastern Syria to continue their barbaric terror war there and to be used as a pretext to destroy another Muslim-Majority Arab nation.
The wanton destruction of the city of Raqqa in Syria was modelled on Mosul. A report by Amnesty International (‘War of Annihilation) said, there is strong evidence that the U.S.-led Coalition indiscriminate air and artillery attacks on population centres violated international law and have committed heinous and unconscionable war crimes. Like Mosul, Raqqa was deliberately obliterated and thousands of innocent civilians were killed and injured. According to Syrian medical sources, many mass-graves have been found after the occupation of Raqqa by the U.S. forces, noting that 4,000 corpses of civilians, including nearly 2,500 children, women and the elderly, have been unearthed from the mass-graves. Australia is complacent because Australia is part of this U.S.-led criminal enterprise. When Australian SAS returned home recently, they were welcomed as “heroes” who were “protecting” Australia killing defenceless women and children Israeli-style.
Secondly, IS/ISIS provides a pretext for Western governments and mass media to incite fear among Western population and stir up anti-Muslim racial hatred to justify Western governments’ repression of and attacks against Muslims and refugees. It is ironic that the Australian government claims and pretends to be “fighting the terrorists”, while it is complicit in U.S.-imposed barbarous sanctions that aimed at starving the lives of the Syrian people, not the terrorists. In fact, every nation that is opposing U.S. policies and fighting against U.S.-sponsored terrorism is under barbarous sanctions.
Australia is part of the U.S.-led Coalition, which includes extremist regimes like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan. These U.S.-led vassal states are in league with the U.S. proxy international terrorists  (a.k.a. “moderate rebels”) not only in Syria to overthrow the Syrian Government of President Bashar al-Assad, but also in Iraq and in Yemen. The clichés of “humanitarian intervention” in “civilian war” are the pretexts to justify foreign military invasion and occupation. The U.S.-led regimes and their Arab stooges in the Gulf are backing several groups of international terrorists, including IS/ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front, recruited from over 80 countries to do what has become a normalised Anglo-Zionist crime of “regime change” in Syria. The terrorists are well armed, well financed and heavily promoted by Western media and “humanitarian” NGOs. Overwhelming evidence shows that on behalf of Israel the U.S. and its vassal-state allies, including Britain, France, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have been recruiting, arming, financing and defending the terrorists against the legitimate Syrian Government. We all know, unless you have been living on the Moon for the seventy years, that the U.S. and Israel are the world’s leading sponsors of international terrorism, followed by their closest “allies”, namely Britain, France, and Saudi Arabia. Of course, Australia couldn’t be prouder than standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism.
To disguise and “humanise” ester-sponsored terrorism, the terrorists’ propaganda organ, the so-called “White Helmets” is created and financed by the Anglo-Zionist regimes. With full access to Western mass media and the entertainment industry, the White Helmets are nothing more and nothing less than IS, ISIS/ al-Qaeda terrorists in white helmets. Disguised as “humanitarian volunteers”, the White Helmets is a British-U.S. propaganda organ, which has received a glowing publicity in the West, even nominated for the Noble Prize. They are financed by the Zionist George Soros, Avaaz NGO and USAID. The White Helmets is a clearly an Anglo-Zionist Public Relations project established to help the terrorists in Syria regain credibility and “humanitarian” images in Western public opinion. In other words, it main task is to prepare Western public for war on Syria. Their disinformation tactics are designed to promote Western military invasion of Syria, modelled on the criminal invasion and wanton destruction of Libya. An article by Rick Sterling sheds light on the true purpose of the White Helmets. With the imminent defeat of the terrorists by the Syrian Army, and their allies (Russia and Iran), members of the White Helmets and their families have been evacuated by the Israeli army to be relocated to Western countries, including, Britain, Canada, Germany and the U.S.
The U.S.-led Coalition air force – better known as the al-Qaeda air force –, including the Australian and the Israeli air forces have been proving the terrorists with aircover and to help with their criminal assault on Syrian towns and villages. Indeed, Australia brags about its “role” in U.S.-led criminal air attacks on Syrian soldiers in Deir ez-Zor on 19 September 2016 (Australian ABC). At least 62 brave soldiers (SAA) were killed and more than 100 injured defending their country against Western-sponsored international terrorists. The U.S.-led Coalition continues to bomb and kill Syrian civilians indiscriminately in a campaign of ongoing terror. On Friday 23 November 2018, the Syrian Arab News Agency(SANA) reported that 11 civilians, including women and children, were killed in a U.S.-led airstrike in the village of al-Shaafa in eastern Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian Government has repeatedly and rightly accused the U.S.-led Coalition of using white phosphorus and cluster bombs in Syria and Iraq, causing heavy civilian casualties in built-up areas. Furthermore, the Israeli regime in particular has openly defended the terrorists – on behalf of the U.S.-led Coalition – provided them with medical supplies, arms and aircover, until Russia decided to act on its long-postponed decision to deliver the S-300 ABM missiles to Syria to act as a deterrent anti-aircraft system.
Finally, counting on Australians’ ignorance and lack of knowledge of Islam, Home Affairs Minister, the anti-Muslim Peter Dutton, has pressed for the speedy passage of laws to give Police more powers to bust encrypted communications, to identify, monitor (spy on), and arrest Australians (Muslims in particular). The aim is to create a “large-scale information secret service” all under the guise of “countering terrorism.” Mr. Dutton has called on Muslim Australians to act as Police informants against fellow Muslims. In addition, Australian Police and ASIO have requested more cash and more resources to monitor and police Muslim Australians.
It was possible that the perpetrator (Shire Ali) of the knife attacks in Melbourne had been recruited by enemies of Islam in Australia to commit act of violence and blackened the name of Islam and the Muslim community. There have been many violent attacks by Western criminals (in Europe, the U.S.) that were blamed on Muslims without any evidence. False flag terrorism has been a staple diet of many regimes around the world, and designed to stir-up anti-Muslim hatred, enact draconian laws and justify illegal aggression against Muslim-majority nations. It is obvious that Muslims are not the beneficiaries of the violence, but Western politicians, the anti-Muslim pro-Israel Zionist establishment and Israel are the major beneficiaries.
There is no hard evidence to support Western narrative that what have been labelled as acts of “terrorism” are associated with Muslims and Islam. On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence that “Islamic extremism” is a manufactured anti-Muslim narrative. At a time when the anti-Muslim Anglo-Zionists are trying to manipulate the public that Islam, not them, is the greatest threat to world’s peace and humanity, it is good to show them that not everybody is drinking their poison.

Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst living in Australia.

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  1. "behauptet eine neue Studie des Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, kurz ISPU, dass Täter von Gewaltverbrechen härter verurteilt werden, wenn sie als muslimisch aufgefasst werden. " -
    bei uns in der BRD ist es genau umgekehrt.
    Nur in vielen Moscheen der europäischen Gastländer wird Gewalt gegen Ungläubige gepredigt, Diskussionen können leicht in Gewaltorgien ausarten und die Stadtteile, in denen sie wohnen ist man als indigener Einwohner nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit stark gefährdet. Jeder kann zum Opfer werden, ob Jugendliche oder Greise.
    Meine Sympathie mit Muslimen ist in den letzten Jahren stark gesunken, ich möchte nicht mit ihnen leben, sollen nach ihrer Nächsten Pilgerfahrt in Mekka bleiben.
    Alle Staaten, die eine muslimische Einwanderung gefördert haben, haben jetzt Probleme, egal ob Schweden, Italien, Frankreich, Niederlande, Belgien, England oder BRD.
    Aber es gibt auch Staaten, die keine Probleme mit Muslimen haben. nämlich die, die sie nicht einwandern ließen.
    Warum gibt es keine Probleme mit eingewanderten Vietnamesen, Chinesen, Indern etc?
    Warum machen ausgewanderte Skandinavier, Deutsche, Italiener etc. keine Probleme in ihren Gastländern?
    Auch wenn wir täglich in den Medien diese Leute als Bereicherung gepriesen werden, die meisten gehen mir auf die Nerven.
    Und wer mir widerspricht sollte erstmal ein paar Abendspaziergänge im nächsten muslimischen Stadtviertel machen.