Montag, 13. März 2017

Trump a Robin Hood?

Einar Schlereth

13. Mars 2017

What a pity. For me Donald Trump had a little something of a Robin Hood at the beginning of his campaign.
And now he is a worm under the boots of the BIG FIRSTERS.

Didn‘t he smell the stink from them? They were pissing and shitting in their pants. Because he told the truth which they hate like the devil the cross. It began the big Trump-bashing and the Putin and Russia-bashing and all together in one pot. Then they took to the big guns. We‘ll impeach him, we‘ll jail him, hang him, kill him. They discussed it openly. Democracy? What the fuck! It‘s our game not his.

But he went on. One volley after another against the Oneprocenters oppressing the workers, the poor, the American people. Stealing the jobs, the healthcare, their houses. He was flogging their media minions for lying unabated every day. And every day worse. In the interest of the big shot‘s  profits. All the billions, trillions of profit and all the bailouts were not enough. They wanted more and more and giving a damn wether they were running down the country. Thew need more money for all their wars which Donald called useless wars. As useless as the NATO. Billions of tax dollars are going down the drain. And he wanted peace with Putin and Russia and cooperation.

But then suddenly he threw the towel. I guess he realized that they meant business. They were not only threatening with murder – they were ready to kill him and to dump him somewhere with a ten ton cementblock.

He hesitated. Became afraid, was fearing for his life.  And he forgot the experience he had made many times during his campaign. The thousands of ordinary people who listened to him who believed his words because he spoke the truth. There he had hundreds of thousands of brothers who were ready to fight for him. The biggest army you could imagine. He had also forgotten what some years ago happened in Venezuela. Where the oligarchs and parts of the army set up a coup against the beloved leader of the people – Hugo Chávez, whom they had kidnapped and flown out to a forlorn island in the Caribic. But a MILLION people marched to the palace where all the criminals had gathered with the archbishop at the top. And they released Chávez quick as lightning.

But Trump he hesitated, he delayed and he did not believe in the people. He was afraid to become a tribune of the people. He had already become too much of a bourgeois who  never put their trust in the people. They are in the bottom of their hearts always afraid of the masses. They know their presidents who were shot or whose heads were blown away. They know the kings and the zars who were dangling on a rope or who laid their heads unter the guillotine. When thinking of all those people they are always secretly reaching for their head to feel whether it is still there. So he lost the daring game. For everything he had accomplished in his life, for all his riches, his proud challenge of the mightiest people in the States there was nothing left but a little shit.

And the big shots were rejoicing. They changed their pants and the corks were popping.  They got him. And they dictated their rules and took revenge for their fear. He got a list with the cheapest, the worst and meanest people you could imagine to choose from for his cabinet. People with nothing in their brains, without a character, without a will of their own, without ideas and imagination but who knew one thing: that it‘s they who are sitting on top of the president. And that Donald Trump must also know. He could have chosen to go – to chuck the whole business. He had saved some pride. How can he look in a mirror? Or in the eyes of his wife? I guess she knows. It wouldn‘t surprise me if she divorces him.

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