Freitag, 22. November 2019

TULSI wird nicht das Knie beugen

Tulsi Gabbard for President
Last night’s presidential debate once again showed the bias in this primary that is set up to favor those who toe the line, and punish candidates like Tulsi who refuse to go along with the status quo.
Despite promises of equal time, NBC’s media hosts once again tried to stifle her voice — directing three questions at Elizabeth Warren before Tulsi received even one. Mainstream establishment media darlings like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg dedicated their time to going after Tulsi with baseless and undemocratic attacks. First for daring to go on Fox News, and then for daring to champion diplomacy and pledging to meet with whoever is necessary to prevent war and ensure peace and national security.
Despite their best attempts, it didn’t work — again. Tulsi was once again the most googled candidate of the night, and with the little time she demonstrated the courage, aloha and leadership that our country so badly needs from its next President.
Check out the 8 minutes of video that had more people googling Tulsi’s name — again! — than any other candidate, and then let’s prove once more the strength of our movement of, by and for the people.
Watch now
Tulsi’s closing remarks laid out her promise to each and every one of us:
“My personal commitment to you, to all of my fellow Americans, is to treat you with respect and compassion, something that we in Hawaii call Aloha. Every single person deserves to be treated with respect regardless of race, religion, or gender, or even your politics. Inclusion, unity, respect, aloha — these will be the operating principles for my administration. Now Dr Martin Luther King visited Hawaii first back in 1959 where he expressed his appreciation for what we call the Aloha spirit. He said we look to you for inspiration as a bold example, for what you have already succeeded in the areas of racial harmony and racial justice where we are still struggling to achieve in other sections of the country. He later went on to say, as I looked out at the various faces in various colors mingled together like the waters of the sea, I see only one face — the face of the future. Working side-by-side, let’s defeat the divisiveness of Donald Trump, come together and usher in a 21st-century of racial harmony, of racial justice, peace, inclusion and true equality. Working side-by-side, let’s make Dr. King‘s dream a reality”
If this is a vision you’re proud to get behind, please show your support by chipping in now.

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