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The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

Dies ist ein umfassender, fundamentaler Artikel über Elektrosmog im allgemeinen und die 2-G, 4-G und die kommenden 5-G Masten. Claire Edwards hat diesen link http://www.5gspaceappeal.org/ weiter unten hinzugelegt und ich lege ihn gleich hier hin, damit ihr ihn gleich aufrufen könnt und links auf der Seite eure Sprache aus 26 Idiomen

heraussuchen. Ich konnte den deutschen Text nicht herüberziehen. Jeder, der auf diese Empfehlungen und Warnungen nicht hört, müsste ein Papier unterschreiben, dass er im Falle von Krankheit auf jede Behandlung verzichtet. 

Hier hat ein Freund noch den direkten Link zur deutschen Seite  herausgesucht, damit ihr euch nicht überarbeitet.

The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

Incisive research and carefully documented analysis of the impacts of 5G Electromagnetic Radiation by Claire Edwards

By Claire Edwards
Global Research

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The entities rolling out 5G are tormenting humanity and sucking their humanity from them by taking their minds and their health, while on the other side, you have the zombie apocalypse of all the people with their 4G cell phones, blindly going about destroying the world.  
The 4G zombie apocalypse lot have to wake up.  They need to wake up now before it is too late and time is of the essence. 
It is time we asked a crucial question. How did we come to be in this 5G mad zone, poised to self-destruct? How on earth did we get here?
It appears that every expansion of the use of electricity since the 19th century correlates with drastic rises in all the modern diseases of civilization,[i] but this information has been kept from the public in order not to impede commercial profit, military expansion and universal convenience.[ii]
Since 100+ years of quantum physics has had little to no impact on the way we live our lives or how we perceive reality, we in the West still labour under the illusion that our bodies are made up of lumps of discrete matter that can be conveniently excised by a surgeon’s knife when they go wrong, this having been established in the 19th century by a grave-robbing spree to collect corpses for surgical experiments.[iii] Since no one seems to have considered the possibility that a living body might differ significantly from a dead one, this crude experimentation formed the foundation for the system that we now call Western medicine.[iv] All traditional and ancient healing wisdom based on a holistic view of a living body was outlawed by enforcing membership of a “professional body”.[v] In an inversion typical of our Western thinking, natural healing methods dating back thousands of years could then be termed not “traditional”, but “alternative” and “backward”.

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