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40 Artikel zur Wahl - welcher ist am wichtigsten?

Liebe Leser/innen!
Nun, ich bin von meiner 8-tägigen Rundreise durch Deutschland zurück. Zwei Besuche in Ost und zwei in West und das Klassentreffen quasi auf der Grenze in Meiningen. Ich war verblüfft, wie liebevoll die Dörfer im Osten renoviert und restauriert wurden. Und überall traf ich auf  liebenswerte, freundliche, hilfsbereite Menschen, selbst auf nicht-Akademiker-Niveau gut informiert und den Medien gegenüber misstrauisch bis ablehnend eingestellt. Die einzige Missstimmung trat bei einem alten Freund ein, der plötzlich nach rechts außen abgewandert ist. Im Westen!

So und nun hier mal was Neues. Ich hatte unterwegs, wie ihr euch denken könnt, nur eben Zeit, den Mist aus der Mailbox zu fegen und interessant erscheinende Artikel in einem Dokument zu speichern. Das Ergebnis findet ihr hier unten. Es sind um die 40 Artikel und es besteht kaum eine Chance, dass sie jemals ins Deutsche übertragen werden können.

Ich wähle jetzt einen Artikel zum Übersetzen aus, dann könnt ihr entscheiden, ob es eine gute Wahl war (ich lege ihn in einen extra Post). Und ich mache euch den Vorschlag, auch einen Artikel zu wählen. Wenn einer 3 Punkte bekommt, werde ich ihn übersetzen. 
Einen schönen Abend noch!

Pope Criticizes West for Trying to Export Own Brand of Democracy to Iraq, Libya

By Tony Gentile
Francis has frequently attacked what he calls "cultural colonialism".  -

Peace, Not Russia, Is Real Threat to US Power

By Finian Cunningham
The US economy has ossified into a war economy and the only way for this to be maintained is for the US to be continually placed on a war footing. -

Anatomy Of A Propaganda Blitz - Part 2: 'Hitlergate'

By Media Lens
Vested interests are well aware that public opinion can be manipulated by 'emotionally potent' declarations of certainty, on the one hand, and by nurturing doubt on the other. -

Hybrid War Hyenas Tearing Brazil Apart

By Pepe Escobar
Wall Street, US Big Oil and the proverbial "American interests" win this round at the circus. -
' ' '
but-the-mote-remains-in-the-emperors-eye/5525635America’s Imperial Empire: 
The Sun Never Sets but the Mote remains in the Emperor’s Eye 
 By Prof. James Petras ( , 
May 16 2016 

Western imperialism is a complex pyramidal structure where the dominant United 
States interacts through a five-tier system. There is a vertical and horizontal 
configuration of leader and follower states 

Africa Liberation Day at 53: Pentagon and CIA Continue to Destabilize Continent

By Abayomi Azikiwe ( , 
May 17 2016 

Today the African Union faces formidable development and security challenges 
 May 25, 2016 marks the 53rd anniversary of the formation of the Organization 
of African Unity (OAU), now known as the African Union (AU) since 2002. The holiday
 commonly known…

US And Its Allies Threaten Escalation Of Syrian War 
By Bill Van Auken 

Foreign ministers of the major powers, including both Washington and Moscow,
 ended a meeting of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) in Vienna 
with no proposal for a date to resume peace talks between the Syrian government
 and the collection of Western-backed Islamist militias that constitute the “
armed opposition.”
Is A Revolution Possible Without Dismantling Brahmanical Disorder ? 
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Understanding untouchability and castes question in Nepal 

By Colin Todhunter, May 18 2016
This week, a Standing Committee of plant scientists from 28 member states in Europe is likely to endorse the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) findings so that the European Commission (under pressure from Monsanto, Glyphosate Task Force and others) can…
By Gearóid Ó Colmáin, May 18 2016
On the 12th of May a massacre was committed in the town of al-Zara in the southern contryside of Hama, Syria. Woman and children were slaughtered by Takfiri death squads branded by the Western media as ‘moderate rebels’. There was…
By Washington’s Blog, May 18 2016
“There Has Never Been A Time, However, When The Government Of The United States Was So Perversely And Systematically Dedicated To Special Interests, Earmarks, Side Deals, Log-Rolling, Vote-Trading, And Sweetheart Deals” Government corruption has become rampant: Senior SEC employees spent…

'Possible Within A Year'

"Be under no illusion whatsoever - Russian use of nuclear weapons is hardwired into Moscow's military strategy," he said. -

Time for Counter-Coups in Latin America? - and Europe?

By Peter Koenig
To a distant observer this looks like the end game; hopefully not the end game for the world as we know it, but for the western tyrant. -

Regime Change in Latin America: Why Russia is Concerned?

By Dmitry Babich
How far will Russia go in its support for independence of Latin American countries? -

The Danger of Demonization
The Collapse of the Western News Media

By Robert Parry
The mainstream news media has collapsed as a vehicle for reliable information, creating a danger for the world. -
'Thousands of bodies in ravine': ISIS mass execution site 
reportedly discovered in Syria : Video - A crew from RT's Arabic
 channel recently managed to get within 55 kilometers of the terrorist
stronghold, capturing terrifying evidence of how ISIL controls the area. 
America’s And NATO's Outrageous Behavior, Greatest Threat That Exists 
By Eric Zuesse 

On May 18th, two top people at NATO, one being its current Secretary 
General — the very top person — laid out in preliminary form the case
for war against Russia, which presumably will be presented in more detail
at the NATO Summit to be held in Poland on 8-9 July this year 

U.S. Financial Regulations Increase Starvation Among Syria’s Children 
By Franklin Lamb 

As of May 15, 2016, according to Save the Children and an assortment of 
UN agencies and NGO’s, nearly 7 million people are displaced within Syria,
half of them are children and more than two million of the youngsters are
at risk of becoming ill, malnourished, abused, or exploited. In rural areas
of Damascus one in 20 children is severely malnourished with 14 per cent 
classed as acutely malnourished. The charity’s chief executive Justin 
Forsyth recently told the UK Independent recently that “There is no room 
for delay or argument: Syria’s children must not be allowed to go hungry!”

Is China a House of Cards?

By Pepe Escobar
The mantra across multiple, powerful Beltway factions is that a crash is imminent. -

North Korea: Love Thy Leader

By Israel Shamir
DPR Korea is thoroughly demonised. -

The U.S. Army's War Over Russia

By Mark Perry
Top brass profess to be really worried about Putin. But a growing group of dissenters say they're overreacting to get a bigger share of the defense budget. -

Yemen's Houthis Aren't Iranian Puppets

By Thomas Juneau
It is simply inaccurate to claim that the Houthis are Iranian proxies. -

The neoconservative drive for world hegemony is acknowledged by the neoconservatives themselves in their public position papers, and it has a 15 year record of being implemented in America’s many and ongoing wars in the Middle East and Africa.

Brazil: The Provisional Banana Scoundrel Republic By Pepe Escobar
May 26, 2016 
By Lisa Sullivan (
) , May 20 2016 

Dear friends, Greetings from the state of Aragua in Venezuela where we are
concluding a small US delegation focused on grassroots solutions to the 
massive food crisis here. I am reaching out to you to share my grave 
concerns about…

Bittere Wahrheit: Realitätsfremde Politiker, keine direkte Demokratie

Guido Grandt in News
vom 26. Mai 2016, 14:15 Uhr

Die Deutschen haben eine katastrophale Meinung zu Ihren Volksvertretern. Ich habe Ihnen
bereits aufgezeigt, dass bei verschiedenen Umfragen 74 Prozent der Bürger die Parteien
für "realitätsfremd" halten. Und 61 Prozent der Befragten befinden die
gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse als insgesamt ungerecht.

Neue Studie: Top-Aktien 2016

3 Aktien, die Sie sofort kaufen sollten . . . als PDF gleich abrufen

Nach der bitteren Erkenntnis der Präsidentschaftswahl in Österreich kommt noch etwas
anderes hinzu: Die Politiker wollen keine "Direktwahlen" von Amtspersonen, wie 
beispielsweise den Präsidenten. In der Alpenrepublik wurden die sozialdemokratischen 
und konservativen Kandidaten schon früh abgestraft. Ein linker Grüner und ein 
Rechtspopulist kamen schließlich in die Stichwahl.

System sorgt für "Elitenpolitik"

So äußerste sich Bundestagspräsident Norbert Lammert unlängst, dass er "heilfroh" sei,
dass in Deutschland der Bundespräsident von der Bundesversammlung und nicht in einer 
"Direktwahl" bestimmt würde. Das heißt, dass dann derjenige gewählt wird, der dem 
politischen Establishment passt und eben nicht dem Volk. Und das, obwohl eine Emnid-
Umfrage ergab, dass 60 Prozent der Menschen hierzulande den Bundespräsident ebenfalls
direkt wählen würden.  
Man macht alles untereinander aus

So wird der nächste deutsche Präsidentschaftskandidat, der im Februar 2017 gewählt wird,
erneut einer sein, der den Politik-Eliten in den Kram passt. Ganz egal, was das Volk 
davon hält. So sichert man sich "seinen" Amtsinhaber. Soziale Ungerechtigkeit und 
Realitätsferne inklusive. Man macht alles unter sich aus. So war es immer. So soll es 
bleiben. Nein, so wird es bleiben!

Politiker "etablierter" Parteien beschweren sich

Und dennoch heulen die so genannten etablierten Politiker in jeder Talkshow dem Zuschauer
vor, wie sie ihren Machtverlust doch bedauern, den ihnen Parteien wie die AfD beibringen.
 Warum aber, frage ich - wie Sie vielleicht auch - tun diese dann nicht mehr für ihr 
Wahlvolk? Warum werden Sorgen, Ängste und Nöte nicht mehr ernst genommen? Warum soziale 
Ungerechtigkeit nicht ausgemerzt?

Tatsächlich sollten sich die Damen und Herren Volksvertreter von ihrem gutbesoldeten 
Elfenbeinturm wieder in die Niederungen der Menschen begeben. "Fühlen", was es für 
Vorbehalte auf der Straße gibt. Solange sie das nicht tun, werden sie weiterhin für 
ihre desaströse Politik gegen das Volk abgestraft. Und das ganz zu recht!


Denken Sie immer daran: Sie haben ein Recht auf die Wahrheit!


Herzlichst Ihr


Guido Grandt 

Syria - The War Can Be Limited

By Thierry Meyssan
There is nothing to be gained by negotiation with people who are being paid to maintain the conflict. -

Syria : U.S. Finally Agrees To Russian Ceasefire Plan

By Moon Of Alaabama
The U.S., for the first time, agreed to proceed towards a full ceasefire between its proxy forces in Syria and the Syrian government and its allies. -

Demonizing Russia 
NATO Finalizes Military Buildup to Take on Russia

NATO foreign ministers met on Thursday to counter what they see as a more aggressive and unpredictable Russia. -

Debunking Popular Clichés About Modern Warfare

By The Saker
"What would a war between Russia and the USA look like?" -

Watch: First Interview With Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff Since the Senate's Impeachment Vote

By Glenn Greenwald
Rather than subdued, resigned, and defeated, Rousseff - is more combative, defiant, and resolute than ever. -
Iraqis Storm The Green Zone For The Second Time 
By Mary Scully 

For the second time within a month, thousands of protesters in Baghdad,
 Iraq stormed the Green Zone. Iraqi military forces opened live fire &
 used tear gas against the protesters. Media reporting on the protest 
is canned from one media source to the next & comes straight from the 
military. They say "dozens" of protesters were injured & that "
authorities could not immediately verify reports that several 
civilians had been killed." 

Pushing Russia Toward War

By Alastair Crooke
Is such a threat real or mere Western posturing for other ends?. -

Can Russia Survive Washington's Attack?

By Paul Craig Roberts
Western Capitalists have their sights set on Russia, China, India, and South Africa.. -

'New Financial Order': Russia, China Placing Heavy Bets on 'Petro-Yuan'

By Sputnik
The two countries are set to challenge dominance of the US dollar in setting prices for crude. -

Down With The Duopoly
The Republicans Have Split; Now It's the Democrat's Turn

By Glen Ford
The primary race has taught the Sandernistas that they are a coherent political force in opposition to Wall Street. -

Sex , Sexuality And Sex Education In Punjab in 21st Century 
By Dr Sunny Sandhu 

Its high time for society to open itself to sex and sex education . Our
 mind has to be trained for the beauty and sanctity of the human body 
and sexual urges . Respect for all forms of sexual behaviour has to be 
encouraged and youth have to be taught about Safe Sex , which prevents 
unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases . By practising 
healthy sexual life , individuals will feel mentally and spiritually well.
Having stable sexual relationships of ones choice is important for the
growth of the individuals 

Beware What You Wish For: Russia Is Ready For War

By Pepe Escobar
The S-500 is impenetrable - and allows Russia for the first time in history to launch a first strike nuclear attack, if it ever chooses to do so, and be immune to retaliation. -

Kerry Threatens War-Without-End on Syria

By Finian Cunningham

John Kerry threatened to wage war-without-end on Syria - if the Middle East country does accept the US demand for regime change. -

New Political Earthquake in Brazil:
Is it Now Time for Media Outlets to Call this a "Coup"?

By Glenn Greenwald - Andrew Fishman - David Miranda
This newly revealed plotting is exactly what a coup looks, sounds and smells like. -

Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

By Paul Buchheit
Income and wealth -- and health -- are declining for middle-class America. -

Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs

By Paul Craig Roberts
We know that Killary is a liar, a crook, an agent for the One Percent, and a warmonger. -

Reform or Revolution

By Chris Hedges
The consequences of not carrying out a revolution against corporatism are catastrophic.

 Call It A 'Coup': Leaked Transcripts Detail How Elite Orchestrated 
Overthrow In Brazil 
By Lauren McCauley 

Confirming suspicions that the ouster of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff 
is, in fact, a coup designed to eradicate a wide corruption probe, Brazil's 
largest newspaper on Monday published damning evidence of a "national pact" 
between a top government official and oil executive

The NUIT DEBOUT Protests Of French Workers Spreading Across Europe Like Wild
By Jamindar Buddiga 

The NUIT DEBOUT (Up all night) protests of French workers spreading across 
Europe like Wild fire. Workers trade unions, students, women, artists, 
pensioners and unemployed youth are protesting in hundreds of thousands 
against President Francois Hollande’s proposed changes in labor laws 
announced on 31 March this year. Nuit Debout or these night-time sit-ins 
first started in Paris’ Republican square on the night of March 31st are 
now a daily ritual that had spread to cities such as Toulouse, Lyon and 
Nantes and are even spreading fast to other European cities like Madrid, 
Brussels and Lisbon

Will Russia Succumb To Washington’s Economic Attack? 
By Paul Craig Roberts 

Yesterday State Department deputy propaganda spokesperson Mark Toner 
reminded US companies that there are economic and reputational risks 
associated with doing business with Russia until Russia gives Crimea 
back to Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. I see the matter 
differently from the US State Department 

The Greek Surrender
Finance As A New Means Of War

By Michael Hudson
All we ask is that all you Greeks get out of our country, now that we own you. That's what the IMF is saying. -

By Dr. Ajamu Nangwaya, May 25 2016
We are commemorating the 58th anniversary of African Liberation Day on May 25. When most of us think of Pan-Africanism and its major icons, women will not instinctively come to mind. Pan-Africanist history and activism might appear as the exclusive…
By Abayomi Azikiwe, May 25 2016
Interview with operative reaffirms Washington’s role in the destabilization of the continent A further confirmation of United States efforts to prevent Africa from reaching its full potential in the areas of genuine self-determination and national liberation, resurfaced in mid-May when…
By Asad Ismi, May 25 2016
The Latin American revolution seemed unstoppable until recently. From El Savador in the north to Argentina in the south, leftists elected since 1998 have implemented the greatest redistribution of wealth in the region’s history, providing millions of jobs, free medical…

Brazil: The Provisional Banana Scoundrel Republic

By Pepe Escobar
Every political junkie on the planet has to be glued to the ongoing Brazilian House of Cards.

Evo Morales Urges 'Democratic Revolutions Against US Empire'

By teleSur
Socialist governments in Latin America must relaunch "democratic revolutions" in order to combat the strategies in play by the United States to regain control of the region.

Coalition airstrikes kill over 400 civilians in Syria:  "Among the total casualty there are 417 civilian Syrian citizen, including 111 person under the age of eighteen, and 70 citizen women over the age of eighteen," SOHR reported. 

Indigenous Leaders In The Amazon Face Death Threats As Community Files 
Lawsuit Against Peruvian Government For Violation Of Their Land Rights 
By Forest Peoples Programme 

Leaders of the Shipibo indigenous village of Santa Clara de Uchunya, 
accompanied by their representative organization FECONAU, filed a 
constitutional law suit challenging Peru’s regional government authorities
for failing to secure legal protection of their traditional lands and 
enabling its acquisition and clearance by an international agribusiness 
company. Plantaciones de Pucallpa SAC, an agribusiness company affiliated 
to the Melka commercial group appears to have begun acquiring the lands 
since 2012. Since that point, satellite images show that more than 5,000 
ha of forest have been cleared to pave the way for an oil palm plantation

The Determinant Class Of Contemporary Russian History 
By Gaither Stewart 

I cannot hazard a guess as to how many contemporary urban Russians feel 
that brotherly kinship with mankind today but I think it must be related 
to the nature of Socialism/Communism as existed in Russia. Dostoevsky like 
others before him believed that Russia (beauty and love) was destined to 
save the world. Such thoughts occurred to me personally when a political 
reporter from Syria recently wrote concerning the Russian military 
intervention there that it is Russian fortitude that is preserving the 
world from total war 
(and the end of mankind) 
By Global Research News, May 26 2016
Fake Syria Solidarity NGO supports the moderate Al Qaeda terrorists.   University of Sydney professor and Global Research author Tim Anderson was an invited keynote speaker. He has been banned following a hate campaign waged by a British based NGO which…
By Peter Koenig, May 25 2016
Is it coincidence that Berlin approves and even recommends the ‘hostile’ takeover of Monsanto by the German agro-and pharma giant, Bayer? – Or is another occult strategic arrangement between Washington and its vassal-in-chief of the EU, Berlin, to push the…
By Živadin Jovanović, May 26 2016
Serbia and China cultivate a long tradition of friendship and mutual trust enjoying mutually beneficial cooperation. Presently, when certain European, American and other countries compete to win Chinese cooperation, Serbia is already endowed with the capacity and the basis to…

Eurasia: China and Russia is Where It’s Happening
By F. William Engdahl
Russia and China are forging deep long-term economic ties across Eurasia that ultimately will become the focal point for world economic growth. Continue

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