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Den Artikel 'ROSSTÄUSCHER KERRY ZIEHT LAWROW ÜBER DEN TISCH' hielt ich für so wichtig, dass ich ihn ins Englische übersetzte. Ich hoffe, dass er dadurch weitere Verbreitung findet und auch diskutiert wird.

Einar Schlereth
16th September 2013

This is really a “deal“ - a con man deal. What's gotten into Lavrov? Was
he dozing or did he forget his juristic advisers at home? You get this
impression while reading this article on Russia Today . “US-Russia ReachLandmark Deal on Destruction of Syria Chemical Weapons Arsenal“. Even bourgeois main stream media are rubbing their hands and are speaking of a new rapprochement.

Not a word about what the USA offers in return. Except a lot of dictates of what Syria
has to accomplish together without further specification of what threats there would
be in case of non-fulfillment. Nowhere will you find that Syria was making the offer on it's own free will. It purchased the weapons legally and now wants to get rid of them and get them destroyed, along with all laboratories, production and refinement capabilities (without compensation – of course). Syria is even ready to become a member of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) that for example Israel never adhered to. 

Syria urged for a single condition that - the USA declares not to continue
with their threats However where do you find the passage:

“We the United States of America are making the vow to the world and Syria to never again use threats. We are vowing to stop the deployment of armed terrorists into Syria. We are vowing to refrain from interventions like in Iraq or Libya after these countries delivered their weapons of mass destruction or destroyed them”. Ostensibly even the problem of war reparations were not touched.

None of this was stated or even mentioned, except a vague promise from the notorious liar and con man Kerry (that probably escaped him by accidence). Syria and Russia got nothing at all – not a scrap. To the contrary. More threats (even violence by air, sea, or land" as noted in chapter 7, but Lavrov afterwards denied) and amplified demands and detailed conditions as if Syria had been found guilty by an international court. Further, Damascus has to “comply with this, has to comply with that”. Among other things it has to let in another con man, Lakhdar Brahimi, with a horde of “agents and spies”, for control.

On top of it all, the whole thing is now presented as if the delivery and the destruction of the chemical weapons had been a necessary step for convening the Geneva II conference. Hogwash. Never has this been mentioned before. The conference was planned a long time ago, but had been willfully obstructed and sabotaged by the United States.

Another insolence is that Kerry acknowledged secondarily that “it was possible that the Syrian rebels have some chemical weapons“. Another fat lie that wasn't contradicted as he never acknowledged this possibility.

There is plenty of evidence that the terrorists have lots of Chemical Weapons and even used them several times.

But that was it. Discussion finished. What happens with those weapons? Will the USA deliver a list with all the recipients of the weapons including all the places where they were absconded and buried? No question of it. The criminals are completely free to use them at will and say: “You see Assad has kept some of the weapons.“

But there is more of it. On Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is expected to present a report to the Security Council which sources say contains overwhelming evidence (my emphasis) that “chemical weapons were used” in an August 21 attack in a Damascus suburb which killed between 355 and 1,729 people.“ And as we know, this US-puppet Ban Ki-moon will also make Assad accountable. Will Sergey Lavrov sign this one too?

The “Free Syrian Army“ immediately rejected the plan and said “the Russian-  American initiative does not concern us“.

Today there is a new declaration by the terrorists. “Rebels threaten the UN – We will use US-weapons“. They will kill UN-inspectors with American weapons so that they will die quasi by American hands. I guess the UN-inspectors will scramble to do the job in Syria.

This is not a fair and reasonable deal on the basis that a peaceful settlement can be reached for finishing this long ago planned and executed US-attack on Syria with proxy armies. This is a dictate where the US not only took the inch but the yard from Syria, hoping to eventually accomplish their goal.

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